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With a humble beginning in 1996, Long Term Care Alliance assists consumers in finding the best policy which fits their needs and budget.

What is Long Term Care?

Long-Term Care Insurance is a policy where the insurance company will pay pre-specified daily benefits if the buyer needs care.

The goal is to maximize your independence by reducing the time and effort some of your more difficult activities might take as a result of some condition.

Should You Buy LTC?

If you have property or money that is important to you then this type of coverage should be purchased. Many individuals make the mistake of thinking they can pass down their wealth, or property to their children and then qualify for state aid with care.

What Will You Pay?

Long Term Care does not have a fixed rate, and many factors might contribute to the cost. The amount of money you might pay can change depending on what state you’re in, the facility you choose and the degree of attention.

How is LTC Paid For?

There are a number of ways by which you can make payment for Long Term Care. It is possible to pay for it out of your pocket, but that can be very draining to your finances. State welfare programs also exist, such as Medicaid. However, what you should remember is that there are asset guidelines for state services. The limits they impose are usually low, and you are only eligible if you do not have many assets.

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